I want a price for a particular project
Contact us, let us know what you need and we'll email/call with a quote within 24hrs

Is the price I've been given a definate?
Yes - fixed prices are given and kept too.  Of course if during a project a spec of a website changes or you decide to have more print that originally required, we will price accordingly.

I want to see someone in person
Just let us know when you've made an order - Local trips out to clients is all part of the service and we'll travel where it is practical too.  You can't beat old fashioned meetings in person.  Obviously travelling far can only be seen as practical where a project may require a bit of person to person discussion - but ask and we will try our best.

What about hosting?
All web packages include hosting on the noise media hosting service

What about Domain names
All web packages include a free .co.uk  domain name.  You don't need to understand the ins and outs of domain name registration, Noise Media sort it all out for you and register the domain in your name.  Of course extra domains can be registered for you, as well as any other suffixes, such as .com .info .tv etc.

I want my own email too
Noise media set up your email account for you, don't worry, we set them up and give you access to them through a webmail panel, or you can set them up to work through your outlook programme

What about when I want my site updated
We don't leave you in the lurch once we've completed your site.  Just ask us to make any adjustments you need. Changes are from just £12, we don't have a huge minimun cost just to change a telephone number and address!

If you order a CMS - you have control of this yourself.  If you need extra structural changes we'll inform you of the cost at the time of your enquiry.

I want a CMS but am worried about getting the hang of it
Don't worry - we run through it with you and teach you the basics so you can get going from day one.

How much is are any follow on costs
Currently £60 a year is our hosting charge for the standard business accounts, including your emails too.  When buying a site your first year is provided free of charge.  Changes to your site can be arranged as often, or unoften as you like, or with a CMS it's in your control.

Do you sub-contact design/web design work to other companies
No Never!

Are you based in the UK
Yes most definately - nice little place called Louth in Lincolnshire

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